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I have been painting for over 20 years, portraits and animals mainly.I do love the wild cats.I use the following media forms: pastels,acrylics,water colours,pencils,inks,gels and I am often mixing media together in the hope of achieving a more realistic look.I have exhibited at the Bath Royal Crescent. I have been known to do murals on the odd occassion.I was voted artist of the year in 2007 at The Inkspot Gallery and came 3rd in 2009.I have been doing photography for nearly 25 years and know what works with lighting and poses for photo shoots.I prefer to paint from my own photos but I do commissions from whatever is suggested by the client.All requests are reviewed. My works can be viewed on many sites here are a few
contact details : MODELMANDY@HOTMAIL.COM

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Vikki Loeber-Hughes

VIKKI LOEBER-HUGHES - Pastels, charcoal, acrylic
I am a professional artist specialising in painting life-like animal portraiture. My preferred medium is pastels as it lends itself beautifully to the soft fur of the animals.At the other end of the spectrum I love to paint nudes and often bribe my friends and family to model for me. I use charcoal or acrylic for these paintings.


I have been painting and teaching art for over thirty years. I enjoy trying new ways to interpret nature and the landscape and attempt to create an atmosphere within my work. I also enjoy more structured abstract work from a variety of inspirations.Working mostly in acrylics at the present time.Please contact me for sales and tuition. My work can be viewed at The Swindon Artists Forum.  contact  lac51@hotmail.co.uk

Margaret Jarvis

Margaret has been painting for several years.Having spent a couple of the earlier years under Joan Miller at her Swindon college class.She is largely self taught and still finds every painting she does a very satisfying learning curve.She has successfully sold several paintings through the Swindon Artists Forum.Of which she is secretary.She is attracted by natural shapes and colours and the way light affects them.She paints any subject that inspires her.Flowers,fruit,vegetables,still life and landscapes involving water, lakes, ponds coastal scenes and waterfalls.Commissions in acrylics,oils,pastels, watercolours and coloured pencil are welcomed.
contact 01793612382
email margjar@talktalk.net



Mike Pickering

Ernie Evans

Carmen B. Norris

Carmen is an American artist who recently moved from Hoboken, New Jersey in the United States with her family to Swindon, Wiltshire, England. Her interest in art began at an early age. Carmen studied art at the High School of Music and Art and Textile Surface Design at the Fashion Institute of Technology, both in New York. She received a Bachelors of Fine Arts degree as well as a certification in Art Education at New Jersey City University in New Jersey. As well as creating her own art, and exhibiting in the New York and New Jersey area, Carmen has taught art in Jersey City, Bayonne and Hoboken to children ages 3 to 18.

If you have any questions, would like to commission artwork, or wish to be added to her mailing list, please visit her website: www.carmenbnorris.com.

Margaret Burton

Richard Naylor

Michaela Cheese

MICHAELA CHEESE  a semi abstract artist.
Wonderful colourful works of art on large canvas.
Experimental with mixed mediums.
Exhibits in Swindon including the Inkspot Gallery.

Sarah Howes

Chris McPherson

Nicholas Smith

Michael J Potter

Michael is a specialist in historical marine paintings.Having spent 5 years in the Royal Navy inspiration derives from this experience.

Mainly working in oils, he has been known to do portrait work. A piece named 'Girl with pearl earring' was used in channel 4's 'come dine with me'.Having sold works in the Swindon Arts Forum he is a local talent ready for commissions. He has had works sold in the States and throughout the u.k.
contact 07867671610

Maddie LeStrange

Karen Miller

Ann Gamble

Biography of Ann (Frelford) Gamble

My name is Ann Gamble and I am married with a family and live in a village near Swindon.

Related to the famous poet James Hogg, it is therefore, unsurprising that I am a writer as

well as being known primarily as a PORTRAIT ARTIST. My commissioned portraits include

both those of PEOPLE AND OF ANIMALS. I work mainly from photographs taken with a

specialised artists camera for portrait work. My work also includes FLOWERS AND

SCENERY such as Avebury, Stonehenge and local places of interest. Love of art and the

desire to draw and paint that which I see around me has been with me since I can first

remember and I was consequently sent to Art College, part time, at the age of 14 and I was

later only too happy to return to art again after several years as a tutor and trainer.

My most frequentlyused medium for my portrait work is pastels, for ease of expression,

although I do have a broad spectrum including water based oils (which I often like to use for

flower painting), watercolours and coloured inks.

To sum up, I love what I do and the pleasure that it gives to satisfied clients.

Ann (Frelford) Gamble

Anne Lynch

I live in Wiltshire England,I have always been interested in art and painting I have exhibited at many places ,Although mostly self taught i did a two year course at The University of Bath ,I paint in Water colour Acrylic and Oil..I have been painting for about 25yrs.

Robin Woodford

My name is Robin Woodford, I spent my early years in a farm cottage on the edge of Savernake Forest near Marlborough, which gave me my love of the countryside which is reflected in the rural images of my paintings. When I married I moved to Swindon and I have lived here ever since.

I have always had an interest in art and enjoyed drawing and painting all my life.
What inspires me most as an artist is the satisfaction I get from reproducing my own interpretation of a subject and I, like most artists also enjoy the appreciation of my work by my friends and customers.
I enjoy water colour for its atmosphere and acrylic for its vibrant colours. Acrylics are very versatile and can be used in a similar style to either water colour or oil paints.
Although I like to paint traditional landscapes I also enjoy the freedom of abstract artwork and often combine them into semi-abstract paintings.
I sometimes find that my work follows a theme and I paint several different scenes of the same subject. I have for example painted a series of paintings at different locations of the Kennett and Avon canal. I seem to have a liking of painting waterscapes and water features in lots of my paintings.
My style is fairly traditional watercolour and even my acrylic paintings are painted in a similar style and could be mistaken for watercolours.
I am very much influenced by my two favourite artist’s Constable and Turner.
I have a large selection of subject matter that I have collected over the years.
If I have a commission to paint I may be able to find inspiration from this. Mostly however a commission is of a particular place so I visit the site, do drawings and take photographs to be used for reference and then I complete the painting in my studio.
My paintings have been widely purchased and are in private collections in Britain Germany, USA and Australia
Commissions are undertaken on request.
Contact: Robin Woodford
Tel: 01793 723158
Email: pictures4u@robinsart.wanadoo.co.uk

Abi Fisher

Diana Crafer

Pam Phillippo

Amanda Caswell